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Get ready for the Wikimania Hackathon 2021!
Hello everyone,

We hope that you are ready and are excited for the upcoming 24hrs Wikimania
Hackathon :) This will be a virtual space for you to experiment, work on
technical projects, and have discussions with fellow Wikimedians!

*Day and hours*
Hackathon will start at 5:00 am UTC on August 13th, Friday (the first day
of Wikimania), and run until August 14th, Saturday, 4:59 am UTC. You are
welcome to continue hacking on other days of Wikimania. There will be a
final showcase on the last day, August 17th, with more information coming
soon on the social channels.

An open schedule is up on the Hackathon's subpage on the Wikimania wiki: <> [1]. There
are still some free slots, and you are welcome to reserve one for a
session. We will be using two virtual hacking rooms powered by Jitsi; links
to join are on the schedule page. For projects and a complete list of
activities, check out the Phabricator workboard: <> [2]

*Newcomer activities*
For those of you who are a newcomer to the event or Wikmedia’s technical
ecosystem, we have put together three Q&A sessions and a list of resources
for you to get started.

See a list of who is attending, topics they are interested in, and how you
can contact them: <> [3].
Please add yourself to this list, and also see a complete list of social
channels and read about the code of conduct for Wikimedia's technical
spaces that will be in effect in all these channels: <> [4].

If you have any questions, ask on the Hackathon's talk page: <> [5]. We look
forward to meeting you in less than a day :)


On behalf of the Wikimania Hackathon organizing team






*Srishti Sethi*
Senior Developer Advocate
Wikimedia Foundation <>