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GitLab: Implementation & migration status update
tl;dr: exists now and individuals can host
projects there; at the team level we're moving some RelEng projects over
and will be in touch with early adopters soon; you can find a roadmap
for this work at - read on
for more details.


Hi all,

It's been a while since my last update on WMF's implementation of
GitLab, so here's another one.

When I last wrote, we were hoping to have a minimum-viable installation
of GitLab by the end of June. That mostly worked out. is now live, and seeing (limited) real usage.

So can you use it? Yes, with caveats.

* Once T288162 - - is resolved
in the near future, everyone with a Wikimedia developer account should
be able to sign in. Until then, use is limited to members of the WMF,
WMDE, and NDA groups.

* No shared CI job runners are provided yet

* No teams just yet, only individual projects, getting ACL right is hard :)

* Your data will not be obliterated from here forward, *probably*

* We have backups even!

Can teams use it? Soon! RelEng is porting a few projects over, and then
we'll get in touch with teams on the early adopter list.

Things we're thinking about:

* Shared CI runners:

* ACL groups and membership:

* Early adopters:

The WMF has also hired two full-time serviceops folks with a GitLab focus.

Lastly, I'll note that we have a roadmap for this work, with rough
timelines, here:

As ever, you can follow work on this project on Phabricator:

Feel free to reach out with any questions via mail, Phabricator, or
#wikimedia-releng on Libera Chat IRC.

Brennen Bearnes
Release Engineering
Wikimedia Foundation
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