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Re: [Ops] Gerrit upgrade August 3rd 16:00 UTC
Thanks a lot! I love that feature :)

On 07/29 14:23, Ahmon Dancy wrote:
> Hello,
> We will upgrade our Gerrit to [version 3.3]. We have scheduled it on
> Tuesday, August 3rd at 16:00 UTC. We will first upgrade the [Gerrit
> replica] then the primary server. The service will thus be unavailable for
> a few minutes while we conduct the operation and restart the service.
> The July 19th upgrade took a bit longer than expected since we were trying
> our runbook for the first time. We have since improved our documentation
> and addressed a few configuration glitches we had.
> This upgrade comes with a new feature: "Attention Set". It replaces change
> *assignees* with a list of people that are expected to act on the change.
> It helps better differentiate changes you have already reviewed from the
> one you have to review or amend. The feature is nicely explained on
> upstream documentation page:
> Ahmon, Antoine, Brennen
> Release Engineering
> [version 3.3]
> [Gerrit replica]
> Upgrade task:

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