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Announcing MediaWiki 1.36.0
I am happy to announce the availability of the general release of MediaWiki

Tarballs have already been uploaded, and the git tag has been pushed.

Please note that MediaWiki 1.36 now requires the PHP internationalization
extension, commonly referred to as Intl, ext-intl, or php-intl.

As a reminder, 1.31 (the old LTS) is due to become end of life in June
2021. 1.35 (the new LTS) is supported until September 2023. However, to try
and meet our LTS-LTS overlap commitments (1.35 was late due to COVID), 1.31
will get best-efforts extra support until the end of September 2021.
Practically, this will mean 1.31 is only tested on PHP 7.2, removing the
burden of testing on PHP 7.0 and 7.1 which both became EOL in 2019.

It is also noted that the patch from MediaWiki 1.36.0-rc.0 to MediaWiki
1.36.0 (mediawiki-1.36.0.patch.gz/ is larger
than expected due to an issue with the initial importing of skins and
extensions as submodules into the REL1_36 branch. A bug has been filed for
this issue, but doesn't cause any practical issues otherwise.

MediaWiki 1.36 will be supported until May 2022.

MediaWiki 1.37 is due to be released in November 2021.

=== Changes since MediaWiki 1.36.0-rc.0 ===
* (T248481) rdbms: Use server time in
* (T281549) WebInstaller: Don't show the announce-l subscribe checkbox for
* (T264214) Follow-ups for UserGroupManager.
* (T282280) resourceloader: Fix path-only URLs in wiki modules when script
path is docroot.
* (T281972) UserIdentityValue: Introduce convenience static factory methods.
* (T230428) Make page_is_redirect and page_is_new unsigned.
* (T280292) Legacy feature should not load thumbnail style rules (only
* (T283247) Freenode -> Libera per wikimedia moving from freenode to libera.
* (T280270) composer: Lock Parsoid version to specific 0.13.0 release.
* (T142663) Add extension.json merge strategy "provide_default".
* (T283540) HookContainer: Fix normalization of callback for static handler.
* (T283464) registration: Fix array order for array_replace_recursive merge
* (T283539) Interwiki: Fix calling "onInterwikiLoadPrefix" hook.
* (T282594) Timeless: Re-branch to 40eb3dad1for REL1_36.

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