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Change to how we build the wikimedia base container images.
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Hi all,

Starting today, we are building our base container images using
debuerreotype instead than bootstrap-vz, which is unmaintained [1]. This is
the same tool that is used for the dockerhub debian images, and our images
are now completely equivalent to the debian base images, plus our own apt

With this change, we're also introducing a simpler nomenclature for our
base images:
we will tag our images with "$codename" instead than with
"wikimedia-$codename". Thus:

- the base stretch image is now
- the base buster image is now

We have also added a new image based on the (yet unreleased, caveat emptor)
debian bullseye.

We will keep tagging the latest version of those images as
"wikimedia-stretch" and "wikimedia-buster" for the time being, in order to
allow for backwards compatibility, but we encourage everyone to migrate
eventually to the new naming.



[2] Our very simple build script is here:

Giuseppe Lavagetto
Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation