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Removal of custom CLI options for the PHPUnit runner
Hi all,

(If you don't locally run PHPUnit tests on MediaWiki, you can skip this

In order to simplify our PHPUnit configuration,[0] the following CLI
options for tests/phpunit/phpunit.php were replaced by environment
variables in a patch that just landed in the HEAD branch:

* --wiki=foo => PHPUNIT_WIKI=foo
* --use-normal-tables => PHPUNIT_USE_NORMAL_TABLES=1
* --reuse-db => PHPUNIT_REUSE_DB=1
* --use-filebackend=foo => PHPUNIT_USE_FILEBACKEND=foo
* --use-bagostuff=foo => PHPUNIT_USE_BAGOSTUFF=foo
* --use-jobqueue=foo => PHPUNIT_USE_JOBQUEUE=foo

Furthermore, some of these options are being considered for removal, so if
you regularly use them, please raise your voice on the task.

Thank you, and thanks to James F, Kosta and Timo for your help with moving
this forward.

[0] - See for details

"Daimona" is not my real name -- he/him