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Summary of *last week*'s deployment of 1.37.0-wmf.4
This is a belated summary of *last week*'s deployment of the 1.37.0-wmf.4
train. The primary train conductor for the week was Brennen Bearnes, with
Lars Wirzenius as backup in European timezones and considerable assistance
from Ahmon Dancy.

The blocker task for the week was:

== Stats ==
* 422 patches
* 2 risky patches identified
* 1 rollback
* 19 hours spent rolled back
* group2 was delayed by 1 day
* 10 train blockers were added, 6 were resolved, 4 were determined to not
be blockers

== ???????? ==
It takes a village[0] to release a train. Thank you to the folks that
helped us this past week:
* Marius Hoch
* DannyS712
* Petr Pchelko
* Tim Starling
* Eric Gardner
* The inimitable Timo Tijhof
* The one and only James Forrester
* Majavah
* RhinosF1
* Urbanecm
* AntiCompositeNumber

And anyone else whose brain was occupied by thoughts of the train this past
week: thanks and sorry.

– Train Gang

[0]: <>