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New server specs
Tyan S2462 motherboard with
Dual AMD Athlon MP 1800+/266FSB
2 GB of ECC Reg. DDR-266/PC2100 ram (4 - 512 Mb pieces)
IBM 36 GB Ultra 160 / 10 K RPM
Dual onboard 3Com 10/100 adapters

For the install, we'll go with MySQL 4.0 unless someone gives us a
good reason not to do it -- this will enable us to cut the minimum
keyword length in the search engine down to less than 4.

We'll probably install the latest stable Kernel at the time we get the machine,
2.4.18 right now.

I'm tempted to go with Apache 2.0.36, but I've haven't used Apache 2.x
in production, so maybe we won't start with that. Opinions welcome.

This should be a pretty sweet setup.

The new server will host Wikipedia and Nupedia ONLY.