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AW: Re: (from [Wikipedia-l]) speed at last
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>Gareth Owen wrote:
>> Karen AKA Kajikit <> writes:
>> > Lars Aronsson wrote:
>> >> I don't know what caused this, but I love it.
>> >> Now I can start to promote Wikipedia more actively.
>> >
>> > It's good isn't it!
>> I'm glad someone's getting joy. I'm timing out 4 times out of 5...
>I said it WAS good... alas it seems to have ground to a halt again. I
>went from rapid access to all pages to no access at all. :(

I had similar experiences today - either really fast, or not at all. Strangely,
I had a fast page, a link from there (in a new window) timed out, and another
one (started some seconds later) was fast again.
The only explanation I can come up with is that some requests go to a slow
thread/process, which would match with the "really big process" bug we encountered
some time ago. Jimbos top-dump showed a zombie process, which was probably

Is there a way we can find out if the bad process starts only on certain
pages (e.g., the Most Wanted), or if it just happens at random? That would
help enormously in error search.


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