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As promised, I took some time today to engage in bugfixing.

* Talk page links are back, and fast
* The auto-wikification button is now a user option, turned off by default

I also went through the code, looking for SQL queries containing "LIKE", and
deactivated one more. On my local machine, response times are now less than
half of what they were on Thursday morning, before the "Need for Speed";)

The only working queries containing "LIKE" are now in the statistics page,
the orphans page, the main page (through the variable that counts the
articles), and the search page (though I don't remember if these queries are
deactivated; I think so).

Jimbo, please install the current version to get the 'pedia back to full
power. And you others, don't get a speeding ticket when browsing this
version ;)