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Re: [Wikipedia-l] Allowing HTML for ruby text?
From: "Jan Hidders" <>
> As a technical remark I would like to see a central array or something
> records what tags are allowed (and perhaps even how they might be nested
> what attributes they may have). For instance, in presenting the search
> results I have to deal with HTML tags that might be present, and it would
> pleasant if this would automatically adapt if new tags are allowed.

On second thought, I don't really need it because in this case, i.e., the
presentation of search results, it is probably better to simply remove all
HTML tags anyway.

-- Jan Hidders
Re: Re: [Wikipedia-l] Allowing HTML for ruby text? [ In reply to ]
All right, I've reworked removeHTMLtags() a little bit and put the ruby
tags into the allowed list.

Please everybody, give it a try. Throw some good HTML at it and make
sure it doesn't break, and some bad HTML at it to make sure it breaks
politely. (I don't want a repeat of the recent cut-in-half
talk:Beryllium incident!)

I've also changed most of the &s in URLs into &amp;s so that the HTML
validator likes us better, and moved the </BODY></HTML> tags to *after*
the page content instead of before it. *cough cough*

-- brion vibber (brion @