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Moving day
Brion Vibber wrote:
> Jimbo, is there any chance we can move the Esperanto wikipedia over to
> the PHP script soon? I've been promising people we'd be upgrading to the
> new software (which will fix a number of annoying bugs in the old) for a
> while, and the natives are getting restless. :)


> I'm going to check in a couple more character set and case-conversion
> fixes tonight, after which we should be ready anytime. At this point any
> additional problems are only going to be discovered by having real users
> bang at the real site with real non-English non-ISO-8859-1 text...

How about this -- tomorrow morning, I will install this. Will you be around
(in email) tomorrow for questions?

Best thing to do -- send me simple step by step instructions,
including instructions about the conversion script. I'll back
everything up, run the conversion, install the new software, and
it'll work perfectly the first try! (ha ha!)

If it isn't working perfectly right out of the box, then I'll back out
the change, revert to the Usemod script, and we'll do a dry run in a
"safer" way with or whatever.

> There are a few switches at the top of convertWiki2SQL.php for selecting
> language-specific processing options, and wikiLocalSettings.php needs to
> select the proper $wikiLanguage and $wikiSQLServer, but that's about it.
> Other than those two, the PHP source files can be shared 100% between
> various language wikipedias. (I've already included the Esperanto
> message-localization file in the CVS repository, and I assume others
> will be added as they are converted & translated.)

Cool! I don't know anything about the conversion script, though. Jason did it
for the main site, and he's out of town. Oh, wait, he'll be back tomorrow. But
still, if you have information, let me know. :-)

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