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update: two new extra tables with linking information
Dear fellow programmers,

I have extended the database schema with two new tables: 'linked' and
'unlinked'. As usual the SQL for this addition can be found in
updSchema.sql. However, in this case the contents of the tables cannot be
generated by SQL alone, so there is an extra upLinks.php script in PHP that
contains the PHP code to do so. Read this file for further instructions.

The intention of these tables is to replace the 'cur_linked_links' and
'cur_unlinked_links' columns in the cur table. This will make it possible to
give the special pages that query linking information reasonable response
times, so they won't have to be cached. Right now I've only added the code
to keep these tables up-to-date and they are not used yet. From this moment
on the usage of the 'cur_linked_links' and 'cur_unlinked_links' columns is
depreciated, and I will remove them as soon as all the code that uses them
has been replaced by code that uses the new tables.

-- Jan Hidders