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Dear Wikimedia Community Members,

We’re so excited to share some updates with you around Wikimania 2021!
We’ve been hard at work, getting things running and putting things in place
and realized we have so much we’d like to share with you. Thank you for
your flexibility and understanding, as we navigate through this rapidly
moving ship.


Wikimania 2021 will be happening! We’ve already announced the dates
(August 13-17) but wanted to remind you - in case you had any doubts - that
the first ever virtual Wikimania will be happening - and we want you there!


We noticed that all though we’ve been going full speed on the back end
at organizing Wikimania 2021, we haven’t updated you as frequently as we
would like… So, we will be sending out a weekly update email to all of you
on Monday’s - until the event goes live. Which in case you were wondering,
is in 3 months and 2 days! (Yes, that soon!)


We will be having a Scholarship Program this year as well! We’d like to
remove most barriers of participation for those who would otherwise not be
able to join. More information will be coming soon around Scholarships - so
stay tuned!


This year's theme is: Celebrate 20 years of Wikipedia and the humans who
make it happen. We will also be opening up submission proposals for
sessions - you can apply as an individual, a collective or a Community

We are excited about all the work and progress happening so far to make
this event happen. We're looking forward to hearing about your amazing
session proposals to help bring Wikimania 2021 to life. We can't wait to
convene to celebrate two decades of free knowledge.

Best Wishes,

Winnie Kabintie (User:Ms_Kabintie
<>), on behalf of the
Wikimania 2021 Core Organizing Team.