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Dear Wikimedia Community Members,

The Core Organizing Team (COT) [1] is excited to take on organizing our
first-ever virtual Wikimania! Many thanks to the Wikimania Steering
Committee [2] for entrusting us with the task of bringing our community
together and celebrating the movement.

This year marks Wikipedia’s 20th birthday [3], and the theme for the 2021
Wikimania will be centered around this fantastic milestone. We want to make
this edition a celebration of all the humans that have made achieving it

As the COT, we find it important to keep you informed and involved
throughout the process of organizing Wikimania 2021 and we would appreciate
your great support.

We will be reaching out to the wider community for your input on various
aspects to inform some of our decisions. To begin with, we would like to
ask for your opinion on a few things;



What kind of entertainment options would you ideally like to see during a
virtual Wikimania? Do you have any ideas for singers, dancers, or any
suggestions for other types of entertainment?



How would you propose we go about swag for a virtual Wikimania? What are
some good ideas for virtual conference swag?

Let us know your thoughts using this LimeSurvey link
<> [4]. The survey will
collect anonymous responses and will remain open until the 5th of May 2021.
We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions, and will be
sharing more with you as we move towards making a decision on these aspects
for our virtual Wikimania!

Thanks and speak soon!

*Winnie Kabintie (User: Ms_Kabintie), on behalf of the Wikimania 2021 Core
Organizing Team *