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MediaWiki Extensions and Skins Security Release Supplement (1.35.9/1.38.4/1.39.1)

With the security/maintenance release of MediaWiki 1.35.9/1.38.4/1.39.1, we
would also like to provide this supplementary announcement of MediaWiki
extensions and skins with now-public Phabricator tasks, security patches
and backports [1]:

+ (T311337 <>, CVE-2022-39193) -
Edits with the performer suppressed still show the performer in results
from the CheckUser extension

+ (T316414 <>, CVE-2022-39193) -
Special:Investigate can expose supressed information in check results

+ (T318166 <>, CVE-2022-39193) -
CheckUser API can expose the suppressed performer

+ (T321733 <>, CVE-2023-22945) -
Action=growthmanagementorlist makes it possible for blocked users to enroll
as mentors

+ (T315123 <>, CVE-2023-22912) -
CheckUser TokenManager insecurely uses AES-CTR encryption with repeated
nonce, allowing an adversary to decrypt

+ (T320987 <>, CVE-2023-22909)
- Mobile frontend's history makes really slow db queries

+ (T149488 <>, CVE-2023-22911)
- Widgets does widget replacement in html attributes potentially leading to

+ (T323592 <>, CVE-2023-22910) -
XSS in Wikibase date formatting

The Wikimedia Security Team recommends updating these extensions and/or
skins to the current master branch or relevant, supported release branch
[2] as soon as possible. Some of the referenced Phabricator tasks above
_may_ still be private. Unfortunately, when security issues are reported,
sometimes sensitive information is exposed and since Phabricator is
historical, we cannot make these tasks public without exposing this
sensitive information. If you have any additional questions or concerns
regarding this update, please feel free to contact
or file a security task within Phabricator [3].