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MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group meeting
There will be a MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group [0] meeting this Friday
(01JUL) at 15:30-16:30 GMT / 08:30-09:30 PDT / 11:30-12:30 EDT /
17:30-18:30 CET / 15:30-16:30 UTC. Meeting information is linked at [1].
Topics of discussion will be:

1) MediaWiki News
* What's new in MediaWiki
* Voting for the WMF board of trustees
* CTO change
* Developer Portal update
2) How to battle spam in community wikis
* Jeffrey Wang from MyWikis will be discussing solutions to spam in
community run wikis

Feel free to come and listen, ask some questions, or add a topic to the
Etherpad [2].


~Bryan Hilderbrand