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Security pre-release announcement: 1.31.13 / 1.35.2
Hi all,

Tomorrow we will be issuing a security and maintenance release to all
supported branches of MediaWiki. This has been delayed by a week versus the
usual schedule, as making a security last week on 1st April ("April Fools")
was deemed not a great idea.

The new releases will be:

- 1.31.13
- 1.35.2

This will resolve 3 issues in MediaWiki core, 2 issues in bundled
extensions (one of which doesn't apply to REL1_31), and also includes some
fixes previously committed to git, including minor security and hardening
patches along with bug fixes included for maintenance reasons.

We will make the fixes available in these respective release branches, and
also master. Tarballs will be available for the above mentioned point
releases as well.

A summary of some of the security fixes that have gone into non-bundled
MediaWiki extensions will also follow.