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where can New Account notification templates be found?
I've looked through the FAQ and searched numerous forums & sites. But am having problems finding a reference page about New Account creation that mentions where to customize the messages and content created for New Accounts on a MediaWiki site. I found where to customize the form that they have to submit and know how to find the new User pages that are created.

When a new user submits a form, they automatically receive:
   1) an eMail requesting confirmation of the eMail address submitted

When an admin/bureaucrat approves an account request, they receive:
   1) an eMail with a message containing password and user page
   2) a new user Discussion/Talk page with a Welcome message

Our MediaWiki installation has cycled through a few rounds of Admins over the years.  So we've lost the knowledge of the people who originally configured these features. 

But now we need to customize the Welcome because too many new users fail to edit content of the wiki. Most report they did not understand how to get started. And the MediaWiki Help page referenced in the Welcome message is overwhelming. (And confused a few people who thought they had to edit our site's pages from another domain.)

So I asking for hints of how where to locate the customization of the Welcome content transcluded when automation creates the new user Discussion/Talk page.


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