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New articles in the MediaWiki Experts Blog
Hi all,

we have published new articles in the MediaWiki Experts Blog.

An introduction to Semantic MediaWiki [1], as well as two interesting use cases: The Embassy of Good Science [2], a new portal on ethics in science, and
a field report on the use of MediaWiki in the about the use of MediaWiki in the UK Ministry of Defence. [3]

Some might also still be interested in Denny Vrande?i?'s inspiring keynote about "Ultimate Nerd Snipes" [4].

The above contributions are still follow-up work to last year's SMWCon. However, we are always looking for new topics, contributions and authors:
You have interesting wikis or project you want to report about? You have solutions and tips for software development and deployments?
There are new extensions or updates of existing functions? Get in touch! Write with us!

The MediaWiki Experts Blog is a project of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group and is designed as an open blog about MediaWiki.
Of course you can find out more on the website itself. [5]

Best regards!