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Re: [Wikitech-l] Where are all the skins? (a call to action)
Thanks for all the feedback. I've been making various changes/bug fixes to
the tool and we are up to 64 skins now!

I'm seeing quite a few skins on that are
unaccounted for on so if anyone wants to join me in
essentially what is a documentation drive please go ahead and start testing
skins and letting others know about them!

On the longer term, my hope is that knowing about the skins people are
building will help us understand the skin ecosystem, upstream common
patterns, and make it healthier.

I hope everybody has a great holiday period and happy editing! [1]


On Mon, Dec 21, 2020, 3:37 PM Jon Robson <> wrote:

> tldr: If you have built skins or use skins that are not listed on
>, please list them [4] and check that they work with current
> If you have always wanted to build a skin try the new tool
> and give me feedback on how you get on! [3].
> Longer version:
> As part of my involvement in the desktop improvements project [1] I with
> the help of many others have been trying to simplify the development of
> skins.
> As part of this, much-needed maintenance has occurred in MediaWiki core
> with the intention of making skin development easier.
> As a personal goal, I wanted to prototype a tool to showcase the skins
> available in the ecosystem, and finally with the downtime of the holiday
> period (no deploys!) I've finally done that. It allows showcasing [2] and
> building skins [3].
> While building this tool I was surprised to find that excluding forks of
> skins, there are only __55 skins__ listed on Out of those,
> only 38 have been kept up to date.
> I can't believe that given the age of this project there are only 38
> usable skins and I am writing to you in the hope that:
> 1) You know of others that can be added to in the "Skin"
> namespace [4] Note, any edits to will automatically get
> picked up by the tool and listed.
> 2) If you build skins for closed source wikis, please consider publishing
> them over the holiday period if you can!
> 3) If you have fix skins that do not work with latest MediaWiki so I can
> showcase them on the new tool.
> 4) If you are inspired to make a new skin, possibly trying out the starter
> kit tool I have created [3] which will construct a working zip file that
> can be added to your local mediawiki and eventually github/gerrit and give
> me feedback via Phabricator/email/github what can be improved.
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> [2]
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