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1.35 update problem
I updated to 1.35 from 1.33 and when I ran mw_config, I received the
following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to
Wikimedia\ObjectFactory::__construct() must be an instance of
Psr\Container\ContainerInterface, instance of
MediaWiki\MediaWikiServices given, called in
.....\w2\includes\ServiceWiring.php on line 787 and defined in
.....\w2\vendor\wikimedia\object-factory\src\ObjectFactory.php:85 Stack
#0 .....\w2\includes\ServiceWiring.php(787):
#1 .....\w2\includes\libs\services\ServiceContainer.php(430):

#2 .....\w2\includes\libs\services\ServiceContainer.php(414):
#3 .....\w2\includes\MediaWikiServices.php(976):
Wikimedia\Services\ServiceContaine in
.....\w2\vendor\wikimedia\object-factory\src\ObjectFactory.php on line 85

I reinstalled, but received the same error.
I am on a shared windows server and I only have FTP file access (and not
to root).
Any ideas?

PHP 8.0
MySQL 5.5.8


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Re: 1.35 update problem [ In reply to ]
> On 11 Dec 2020, at 02:59, Bri <> wrote:
> Any ideas?
> PHP 8.0
> MySQL 5.5.8

There’s a note saying “MediaWiki is not yet compatible with PHP 8. See task T248925 for more information.” on

I don’t understand the error but wonder whether this might be relevant to it.

Best wishes