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Using two primary authentication providers?
I just installed LDAP Authentication and it worked fine after setting it
with $wgAuthManagerAutoConfig:

$wgAuthManagerAutoConfig['primaryauth'] += [.
LdapPrimaryAuthenticationProvider::class => [
'class' => LdapPrimaryAuthenticationProvider::class,
'args' => [[
'authoritative' => true,
'sort' => 50,

I can enable either LdapPrimaryAuthenticationProvider or
LocalPasswordPrimaryAuthenticationProvider, but not both. I can switch
the authentication method by changing the value for the 'sort' key
(LocalPasswordPrimaryAuthenticationProvider has 'sort' => 100), but I
couldn't figure out how to allow both LDAP and local accounts.

I tried to set 'authoritative' => true, and I also tried it as false,
but none of them seem to work.

Is there anything I'm missing?


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