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RFC: Drop support for database upgrade of mediawiki older than two LTS releases
If you're not maintaining a mediawiki instance or don't work with
mediawiki's installer/updater, feel free to ignore this email (sorry for

The aforementioned RFC has reached phase 3, which means we need to reach
out to stakeholders and since this RFC is going to impact third party
installations, hence this email.

Currently and in theory, mediawiki supports upgrading from 1.2 (released in
2004) to its current version but if this RFC is approved, you wouldn't be
able to upgrade from versions older than two LTS releases. So for example
for upgrading to 1.35, you can't upgrade to it from 1.26 or lower, 1.26 was
released in end of 2015 and EOL'd in end of 2016, if you want to upgrade
from 1.26, you have to first upgrade to 1.34 and then you would be able to
upgrade to 1.35 [.Note that this is an example, 1.35 is already released and
thus not affected by this RFC, this is going to affect future releases].

Here's the RFC: Feel free to
chime in and spread the word to other stakeholders.

Amir (he/him)