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Launch of the MediaWiki Experts Blog
Dear MediaWiki community,
We are happy to announce the launch of the today. [0]
This blog is meant to bring together the different MediaWiki stakeholders and groups and make their projects visible.

We want to show the wealth of the MediaWiki universe, but also create space for new topics and developments. We want to build a bridge between the many subprojects around MediaWiki and to initiate new cooperations: inside and outside Wikimedia, between organizations and individual community members.
The blog thus fills a gap: At the beginning of the year, we were excited to see the Wikimedia Techblog was launched, which necessarily focuses on Wikimedia. And there are a number of corporate blogs that also necessarily focus on their corporate topics.

But beyond that, we believe, there is still a need for a news portal that promotes MediaWiki and appeals to professional users, maintainers, evangelists, admins and developers.
We want to create a space for use cases and best practices from organizations, whether non-profit or for-profit, for announcements and news from third party developers, for presenting features and extensions from the whole MediaWiki cosmos, for tips and tricks for deployment and configuration, announcing and reporting on events like the Semantic MediaWiki and Enterprise MediaWiki conferences, or tutorials and debates.
So this blog supplements the existing news landscape and should strengthen the network and the ecosystem.
The blog functions as a group blog and articles can be submitted at any time. In the medium term, we hope that an independent editorial team will be formed.
We welcome contributions and ideas for contributions!

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