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*Crossposting to Wikimedia-L, Wikitech-L, MediaWiki-L, and
Wikitech-Ambassadors. You can reply to the mailing list, but the ideal
place for further discussion is the talk pages of the wiki pages to which I
link below.*

There's a new proposal to localize Lua modules in a more modern, safe, and
convenient manner: .

In the foreseeable future it will only affect multilingual sites, such as
Wikidata, Commons, Meta, and, but at a later time it may also
be deployed on Wikipedias and other projects.

It will be great if experienced module developers could take a look at the
project page, , and its
subpages, especially
modules/Proposed solutions . Your feedback will be very helpful in
implementing this project in a way that really benefits all the editors.


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