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Script error
I have just started with a private wiki and I have already success

But when importing templates from thengerman wikipedia, I got the following error for all (!!) templates.

{{#ifeq:10|0| Achtung: Die Vorlage:Dokumentation <> wird im Artikelnamensraum verwendet. Wahrscheinlich fehlt <onlyinclude> in einer eingebundenen Vorlage oder die Kapselung ist fehlerhaft. Bitte Vorlage:Bearbeiten <>. |
{{#ifeq: 0 | 1 |

This means: The template:Documentation is used in the main space. Probably </onlyinclude/> is missing in an embedded template, or the capsulation is wrong. Please edit the Template:Bearbeiten.

What is the meaning of this, Template:Documentation doesn’t exist.

Thank you very much!


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