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Follow ups and support for Revision deprecation and code migration
Hi everybody!

As you might have noticed, the Revision class is being hard deprecated in MediaWiki core 1.35 release. The class has been replaced with RevisionRecord as a part of MCR work and has been soft-deprecated in 1.31 release. You can find out more about deprecation process in [1]

In practice, this means that extensions using Revision will keep working with MediaWiki 1.35, but would start emitting a deprecation warning, causing your tests to fail if $wgDevelopmentWarnings configuration enabled (it is in WMF CI). After 1.35 is released, Revision class and fallbacks using it will start being removed from core, breaking extensions that are still using it.

In order to help you start the update process and prepare, DannyS has written a comprehensive migration guide available under [2]. If you have any questions, Platform Engineering Team(Core Platform Team) will be answering them and providing assistance. To reach us, please use any of the following methods of communication:
#wikimedia-cpt IRC channel. The best time to find CPT is during the office hours, the next time slot it July 23 16:00-17:00 UTC - that’s when you’re guaranteed to find assistance, but if this timing is not good for you, please feel free to drop your questions at any convenient time.
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Best regards.
Petr Pchelko
Senior Software Engineer, Core Platform Team

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2. <>
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