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Introducing Diff – a blog by and for the Wikimedia volunteer community

Today the Wikimedia Foundation would like to introduce a new community
blog. It's called "Diff" ( and is a blog by – and
for – the Wikimedia volunteer community to connect and share
learnings, stories, and ideas from across our movement. We'd like to
encourage you to learn more about Diff and how it can help you in
sharing and learning from your fellow Wikimedians.

Everyone is invited to contribute!

The name “Diff” is in reference to the wiki interface that displays
the difference between one version and another of a Wikipedia page. It
also reflects the “difference” our communities and movement make in
the world every day.

For some background, Diff builds on lessons and experiences from the
Wikimedia Blog, the Wikimedia Foundation News, and Wikimedia Space;
previous posts from these channels are archived on Diff. The channel
is primarily intended for community-authored posts, in which
volunteers can share their stories, learnings, and ideas with each

Diff offers a simple and accessible editorial process, moderated by
Foundation communications staff and open to volunteers, to encourage
participation from all — especially emerging and under-represented
communities. Additionally, content on Diff can be written and
translated into languages to reach a wide audience. Diff also has a
code of conduct and comments can be flagged and moderated.

Still curious to learn more?

Chris Koerner (he/him)
Community Relations Specialist
Wikimedia Foundation

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