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New MediaWiki extension: Page Exchange
Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce a new extension: Page Exchange (PX). This extension
serves as a sort of "package manager" (like yum or apt, if you've heard of
those), but where the "packages" are collections of wiki pages and files
(such as images). Packages are defined in JSON files, so that anyone can
publish a package by just creating a file in the relevant JSON syntax and
putting it online (plus putting online the wikitext and files that it
includes). Then, any wiki that has PX installed can download such a package
by just adding the URL for that package file to LocalSettings.php.

Once downloaded, a package can then be updated (if there have been changes
to the remote package definition), or deleted.

There's another interesting feature of Page Exchange, which is that, if you
install a package containing file(s) named "MediaWiki:XXX.js" or
"MediaWiki:XXX.css" (assuming you have the necessary permissions to do so),
any such file will get automatically loaded on every page view for that
wiki - which means that a package can add its own JavaScript and CSS
functionality to the wiki.

Page Exchange can have a variety of uses, from providing a pre-generated
data structure for wikis to use, to allowing for easy copying of text and
images from one wiki to another - to even enabling lightweight alternatives
to extensions, or even skins.

You can read more about the extension, and download it here:


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