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Mediawiki on Mint 19.3 (was: Security and maintenance release...)
On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 2:16 PM Marshall Lake <> wrote:
> I'm running an older version of MediaWiki ... 1.27.4
> I installed it via the Software Manager on Mint 19.3. 1.27.4 seems to be
> the only version available on the Software Manager. I attempted to
> install a later version via a tarball but ran into problems.
> Is it possible to obtain a current version using the Software Manager?

I don't have a Mint 19.3 release to test, but you can probably get
something more recent if you perform a dist-upgrade. But it probably
won't be the latest, like MW 1.34.2.

When working with distros that provide old software, you will probably
need to do something like this:
They are the instructions I use to keep a CentOS 7 box current.

If that looks too complex, then consider moving to Fedora. Fedora
provides the latest software available during its release. Fedora
releases every 6 months, so every 6 months you do the equivalent of a
dist-upgrade using


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