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[JOB] Seeking MediaWiki/PHP+Python coders for open source work.
Hi, all. According to [1], "within reason, it is acceptable" to post MediaWiki-related job openings here (thanks to Reedy for pointing this out in IRC). I assume that making one posting is "within reason", so here it is:

We have contract work openings for PHP+Python programmers with experience customizing and extending MediaWiki. This work is open source [2]. Here's a link to the job posting:

And here is the text, for your convenience:

| We seek software developers to fill contract positions in free
| software projects for various clients. Our current need is for PHP
| and Python coders interested in contributing to projects in the
| non-profit and philanthropy space. Familiarity with customizing and
| extending MediaWiki would be helpful, but is not required.
| This role is for projects scheduled to last 6 months to a year, with
| the possibility of follow-on work. We anticipate 15-20 hours per
| week of work, though that might change as we take on new projects.
| If interested, please email jobs {_AT_}
| OTS is based in Chicago and New York. We are open to remote
| applicants (within 3 hours of either U.S. Central or U.S. Eastern
| time zone), and we negotiate rates based on experience and skills.
| We value having a diverse team and we strongly encourage members of
| groups that are underrepresented in software development to apply.
| Open Tech Strategies is committed to free software philosophically
| and as a business strategy. We work in public repositories, using
| free and open source tools. If you have a visible open source
| profile -- an account on a project hosting site, a trail of
| participation in some projects, etc -- please mention it in your
| email, CV, or résumé.

If you are interested or know someone who might be, please let us know, and feel free to forward this announcement to wherever you think it would be appropriate.

Best regards,
-Karl Fogel
Partner, Open Tech Strategies, LLC


[2] is one of the projects.

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