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New version of "Working with MediaWiki" released
Hi everyone,

I'm excited to announce that a new version of my MediaWiki reference book,
"Working with MediaWiki", has just been released.

To briefly recap: the first edition came out in 2012, and then an updated
version in 2014; then the 2nd edition came out in 2017, and this is an
updated version of the 2nd edition. For this new version, a lot of the text
and screenshots were updated, to reflect changes to core MediaWiki and its
extensions over the last three years.

As with the earlier version, the entire text of the book can be read for
free online:

(That website used to be slow at times, but it's on a different server now
and should be fine.)

Of course, there's nothing like reading an actual printed book, and, though
it's never been available in stores, you can order the book online from
Amazon. Just follow the links from here:

That's it, and I hope people enjoy the book!


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