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Announcing MediaWiki 1.34.0
I am happy to announce the availability of the general release of MediaWiki

While tarballs have already been uploaded, git tags will follow later on

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this release, especially thanks to
those who tested out the release candidates and provided feedback, as well
as the developers who worked hard to get several important fixes merged in
time for the 1.34 final release. To see what's changed in 1.34, see the
release notes below.

Please note that MediaWiki 1.34 no longer supports HHVM, and also the PHP
version requirement has been raised from 7.0.13 in MediaWiki 1.33, to 7.2.9.

As per the pre-release announcement, 1.34.0 includes some security fixes
that weren't in 1.34.0-rc.0 or 1.34.0-rc.1.

== Security fixes ==
* (T192134) Personal and site-wide CSS and JavaScript is loaded on
* (T239466) Possible to circumvent title-blacklist (CVE-2019-19709).

== Links to all mentioned tasks ==

MediaWiki 1.34 is due to be supported until the end of November 2020.


Download without bundled extensions:

Patch to previous version (1.34.0-rc.1):

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