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MediaWiki 1.3.0beta4 released
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Some compatibility fixes for PHP 4.1.2 and 4.2.x; installer checks for
missing MySQL support; and many various things fixed. Anyone running a
public server on 1.3.0beta is strongly recommended to upgrade to this
release, as a potential JavaScript injection attack in earlier betas has
been fixed. (1.2.x is not vulnerable.)

Release notes:


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#mediawiki on

Help mailing list:

(CVS note: this is tagged as REL1_3_0beta4a. We tagged a REL1_3_0beta4
last week but didn't release quite it.)

Changes from beta3 include but are not limited to:

* Install checks for missing PHP MySQL support
* Fixed broken PHP 4.1.2 compatibility functions
* PHP 4.2 vs MonoBook skin title encoding
* Offsets
* Mysterious install fixes
* Fix for   with html-tidy
* (optional) experimental load balancer
* Fixes for some broken queries from last beta
* Improved error reporting in command line scripts and elsewhere
* Account creation per IP throttle (requires memcached)
* Copyright info on uploads (optional)
* Hook for custom spam check filter function
* Improved HTML escaping of user names in some places
* Removed < and > from legal title chars (shouldn't have been added)
* Recentchanges reports move-over-redirect more clearly
* Search index updates no longer use REPLACE DELAYED, as it causes more
problems than it solves
* Copyright notice was missing on old revisions, fixed
* More bad title checks in skin
* Unused skins no longer loaded (reduces memory usage)
* "newbies" mode on Special:Contributions
* Bureaucrat flag put back into Special:Makesysop
* Special:Undelete fix for titles with apostrophes
* Upload warning on existing filename
* $wgWhitelistRead fix
* Titles with "./" are allowed again as long as it's not at the
beginning or following a "/"
* Language file upades for Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese
* Spelling corrections in languge names
* rebuildtextindex.php updated
* SQL fix to blobs table
* TeX suppress dvips output from logs
* Style fixes

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