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MediaWiki 1.3.0beta2 released
This is a *BETA RELEASE* of MediaWiki 1.3.0, after a couple weeks of
testing and tweaking on Wikipedia. Things mostly work at this point, but
installation and upgrade paths may be awkward or broken on some systems
(we don't stress the regular install/upgrade system on Wikipedia since
we do mass runs of piecemeal updates).

Please read the release notes for details of what's changed and how to
upgrade. (Beta1 was not released as a package, but was available from
CVS only. Don't worry, you didn't miss it!)

The easiest upgrade path from a 1.2 MediaWiki install is to set up the
1.3 wiki in a fresh directory, run the web-based installer, and point it
at the same database. BACK UP YOUR DATABASE FIRST! Upgrading the
database may take a while, or may fail on some systems.

Release notes:


Wiki admin help mailing list:

Bug report system:

-- brion vibber (brion @