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Patch to reorder links on Cologne Blue sidebar (Bug #582579)
Attached is a patch to reorder the links on the Cologne Blue
sidebar. I pretty much followed the suggestions on the bug page, with
several differences:

* I moved "Recent Changes" up to "Browse"
* I made Move, Delete, and Protect this page part of "Edit"
* I added "Post a comment" after the talk page link

I figured the Post a comment link was useful enough for all skins that
I added it to Skin.php as a method, commentLink().

The patch also fixes Bug #825774.

Lastly, the patch removes the ugly "Error" where "Delete this page" or
"Protect this page" would normally be, if the page doesn't exist
yet. I don't know if that's a registered bug or not; I don't think
it's much good, because it's not like the user made an error or


P.S. I'm going to try to cut into some of the drudge work Brion was talking
about this weekend.