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Config File Location
So, I just wanted to say thanks to the MW team for doing the latest
release. Wikitravel has been using an includes directory outside the
Web directory since we started, and this should make things a little

One thing I wanted to note is that it's not really necessary to have
the LocalSettings.php file in the Web directory, either. Considering
that it contains a lot of passwords, etc., any attack that could get
that file's source would be pretty high-risk. Not that I know of one
offhand, but still.

Anyways, Wikitravel's layout is like this:

/etc/mediawiki/ - *Settings.php, Language*.php
/usr/local/share/mediawiki/ - All other *.php files
/var/www/wikitravel/wiki/ - *.phtml
/var/www/wikitravel/style/ - stylesheets

Adding /etc/mediawiki/ to the PHP4 include path makes this pretty
straightforward. I have to do some patches to the *.phtml and some of
the includes files so they know to include "LocalSettings.php" rather
than "./LocalSettings.php" or "$IP/Language.php" or whatever.

I can submit this stuff as a patch, if anyone else thinks it'd be a
better way to layout MediaWiki installations.


Evan Prodromou <>
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