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Announcing MediaWiki 1.39.0
I am happy to announce the availability of the general release of MediaWiki

Tarballs have already been uploaded, and the git tag has been pushed.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this release, especially thanks to
those who tested out the release candidates and provided feedback, as well
as the developers who worked hard to get several important fixes merged in
time for the 1.39 final release. To see what's changed in 1.39, see the
release notes below.

Please note that the PHP version requirement has been raised from 7.3.19 in
MediaWiki 1.38 (and 1.35) to 7.4.3.

MediaWiki 1.39 is the first release of MediaWiki 'born' with PHP 8.0 and
PHP 8.1 support included. We anticipate there may be some as-yet
undiscovered bugs with PHP 8.x support, of which we'd love to hear reports
so they can be fixed. We plan to back-port fixes to 1.38 and 1.35 to the
extent possible.

MediaWiki 1.39 is an LTS and is due to be supported until the end of
November 2025.

As a reminder, 1.35 LTS is due to become end-of-life in November 2023, and
1.38 is due to become end-of-life in June 2023. 1.37 is becoming
end-of-life today, and will be formally announced in a separate email.

=== Changes since MediaWiki 1.39.0-rc.1 ===
* Localisation updates.
* exception: Tolerate no service container when trying DB rollback.
* (T320282) Upgrading wikimedia/xmp-reader (0.8.3 => 0.8.4).
* objectcache: Deprecate WANObjectCache::reap() and ::reapCheckKey().
* (T320864) When calling mail(), use an array for headers.
* Upgrading wikimedia/xmp-reader (0.8.4 => 0.8.5).
* (T321154) Call setFormIdentifier() on LogEventsList form.
* When importing revision with same timestamp as latest revision, treat it
as the new latest.
* (T320726) RandomImageGenerator::getImageSpec: Don't pass a float to
mt_rand(), for PHP 8.1.
* (T298485, T322360) WikiExporter: Avoid calling reload in processing every
* (T321551) pager: Fix null used for foreach in Pager::getNavigationBar.
* (T321551) pager: Remove unused AlphabeticPager::getOrderTypeMessages()
* pager: Remove unused PagerNavigationBuilder::setExtra().
* PagerNavigationBuilder: Document that nulls in setLinkQuery() etc. are
* (T322335) ApiQueryRevisionsBase: Fix 'rvdiffto' parameter handling on PHP
* (T314096) TestFileEditor: Fix string interpolation.
* (T289926) api: Fix minor PHP 8.1 incompatibility in ApiOptions.
* (T322803) SpecialBotPasswords: Don't pass null to trim().
* (T289926) Fix incomplete ITextFormatter mocks.
* Language: Handle ronna and quetta.
* (T72510) rdbms: make SqlitePlatform::tableName() apply double quotes.
* (T323373) Parser: Fix extractSections() behavior for PHP >= 8.0.
* .gitattributes: Ship docker-compose.yml to the tarball.

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