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MediaWiki 1.31 is End of Life
(Sorry if you have received this email already. There was an issue with
Mailman yesterday, and while the email was sent to mediawiki-l and
wikitech-l successfully, it seemingly never made it to the
mediawiki-announce archives. Email slightly modified to suit being sent

As per the MediaWiki version lifecycle[1], I would like to announce the
formal end of life (EOL) of MediaWiki 1.31 as of today, Thursday September
30, 2021, coinciding with the final security and maintenance release for
the branch, 1.31.16.

This means that MediaWiki 1.31 will no longer receive maintenance or
security backports. It is therefore strongly discouraged that you continue
to use it.

It is recommended to upgrade to MediaWiki 1.35, the current Long Term
Support (LTS) version which is not due to become EOL until September 2023.

MediaWiki 1.35 bumps the required PHP version from 7.0 in 1.31 (which is
unsupported upstream), to PHP 7.3.19 or later.


Sam Reed

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