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Security and maintenance release: 1.31.13 / 1.35.2
I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki 1.31.13 and 1.35.2!

These releases also serve as a maintenance release for these branches.
Numerous fixes have been backported into 1.35, including some for PHP 8.0
support (though we are not declaring full PHP 8.0 support yet).

This is the first MediaWiki release where zip files are included too. This
is due to some issues with the tarballs for some users with certain
extraction applications.

Composer 2.0 is also now supported on MediaWiki 1.35.2.

MediaWiki also has a new logo as of these releases.

T270453 does not apply to MediaWiki 1.31.13, as VisualEditor is not
bundled. However the patch will be backported to the 1.31 branch if you use
VisualEditor, and you should pick up the update from the usual places.

T279451 also does not apply to MediaWiki 1.31.13, as Parsoid is not
bundled. If you use the node.js service, it is recommended to update this.

T276843 has been fixed in different ways on MediaWiki 1.31.13 and MediaWiki
1.35.2. On the former, we have just disabled the known vulnerable lexers.
On 1.35.2, we have upgraded pygments from 2.5.2 to 2.7.4.

While tarballs have already been uploaded, git tags will follow later on

An "MediaWiki Extensions Security Release Supplement" email will follow
this one.

== Security fixes ==
* (T270453, CVE-2021-30153) SECURITY: ApiVisualEditor leaks info about
hidden users.
* (T270713, CVE-2021-30152) SECURITY: Allow user to only apply protection
they have right to do so via action=protect.
* (T270988, CVE-2021-30155) SECURITY: ContentModelChange: Check that user
can create pages.
* (T272386, CVE-2021-30159) SECURITY: Non-admin deleted enwiki page in fast
double move.
* (T276843, CVE-2021-20270, CVE-2021-27291) SECURITY: Various
SyntaxHighlight lexers are vulnerable to DoS.
* (T277009, CVE-2021-30158) SECURITY: Allow blocked users to access
* (T278014, CVE-2021-30154) SECURITY: Escape mediastatistics-header-*
messages on Special:NewFiles.
* (T278058, CVE-2021-30157) SECURITY: Escape rcfilters-filter-* messages
onChangesList pages.
* (T279451, CVE-2021-30458) SECURITY: Parsoid comment fostering allows for
inserting mostly arbitrary <meta> tags.

== Links to all mentioned tasks ==

== Release notes ==

Full release notes for 1.31.13:

Full release notes for 1.35.2:

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