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MediaWiki 1.35.0-rc.1 is ready for testing
I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of MediaWiki
1.35.0-rc.1, the second release candidate for 1.35.x, the next LTS version
to replace 1.31 which is due to go end of life in June 2021. Download links
at the end of the e-mail. The tag has been signed and pushed to Git.

Please note that the PHP version requirement has been raised from 7.2.9 in
MediaWiki 1.34 (and 7.0 in MediaWiki 1.31), to 7.2.22 (this may change
further, see below).

This is not a final release and should not be used for production websites.
Known issues are tracked in Phabricator on the release workboard [1]. As
always please do try out the release candidate in a test environment and
report any issues that you discover. Please use the #MW-1.35-Release [2]
tag in Phabricator when reporting issues specific to this release.

It is expected that MediaWiki 1.35 will become final in late August 2020,
and will be supported for 3 years after that.

Known/outstanding issues/things to test:
* It has been proposed to require PHP 7.3 for MediaWiki 1.35, please
discuss at <>.
* Both the Vector skin and the underlying skin infrastructure are
undergoing numerous changes, so there might be things broken that are
already fixed in master and as such need backporting.
* VisualEditor and Parsoid are now bundled in the tarball and no longer
need a separate nodejs service. The documentation for this still needs to
be updated, and in some cases, users are reporting HTTP 500 errors from
RestBase <>.
* Watchlist expiry (behind the $wgWatchlistExpiry flag) is currently
experimental. It should be finished for the 1.35.0 final release.
* If you're on Windows and use 7zip, you may experience issues extracting
the tarball. This was noted in the last set of security releases. Try using
a different decompression tool <>.

Changes since 1.35.0-rc.0:
* (T252136) Fix RecentChanges watchlist filters when WatchlistExpiry is off.
* (T258662) Update time period for watchlist expiry pop-up.
* (T258443) Fix expiry dropdown not getting disabled on edit page.
* (T259398) Add license information for promise-polyfill.
* Remove executable bit from scripts without shebang.
* (T256526) Fix bold of watched items on Special:RecentChangesLinked.
* (T259060) Edit page expiry dropdown should keep state after
* (T259009) Translate expiry period in pop-up message for watchlist expiry.
* (T258310) Add watchlist clock icon to RecentChanges.
* (T259362) Permit temporary table writes on replica DB connections.
* (T250214) Add UI support in Special:EditWatchlist for watchlist expiry.
* (T72470) Disable wgLegacyJavaScriptGlobals by default.
* (T130906) Add Edge to MediaWiki:Clearyourcache.
* (T257279) Add mediawiki.ui Less variable deprecation note.
* (T249521) Fixed reassignEdits.php to work with anonymous users.
* (T259448) Fix Circular dependency when creating service in
* (T257259) Default to using watchlist expiry of old page when moving pages.

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