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MediaWiki 1.35 Branch Cut and Release
On March 30, we announced that we were temporarily pushing back the release
of MediaWiki 1.35 due to uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are now ready to begin the process of moving forward with the release.

The first step is cutting the release branch, REL1_35, which will occur on
Monday, July 13.

We will then be in "pencils down" mode: developers will stop targeting
MediaWiki 1.35 for new features. Instead, any new features would continue
to be applied to master and would target MediaWiki 1.36 or later. The only
work that would continue towards MediaWIki 1.35 would be blockers -
critical bug fixes or features close to completion that need to make it
into the release. This would happen by merging those patches into master
and then backporting them to the REL1_35 branch.

We anticipate that MediaWiki 1.35 will be released at the beginning of

We appreciate your patience in these difficult times. Wishing you safety
and health,

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