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Developer payment

I made a proposal for how we could handle this tricky
issue on

I invite you to read it and to comment if you wish :-)

My belief is that it is a decent compromise between
all the wishes expressed (well, at least I hope).

I remind you that this is a trial, not a permanent

The plain idea is
* that the opportunity is taken to clean up and
organise better a couple of pages (such as

* to avoid bureaucracy.
**If an editor or the foundation wishes for a task to
be done, just ask
**If a developer is ready to take care of a matter,
just mentions it on development task. If he would be
interested by getting in contract, please mentions it
on [[development payment proposal]] (or any title you
think best)

*to always ensure that this task is welcome by the
entire community (please discuss it before on mailing
lists or meta)

*to ensure that this task makes consensus amongst the
developers (hence the involvment of the developer
committee - no task will be paid for, which will go
against the general direction set by the developers,
or is technically nonsensical)

*to ensure that this task is interesting the
foundation (hence, the decision to pay or not for a
task will be made by the board)

Refining the proposal is welcome. Otherwise,
basically, this is in your hands now. The basic
structure is there, use it or do not use it :-)


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