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[Wikimedia-l] Celebrating Penny Richards
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Wikimedia is a living, digital repository of information, media, and
knowledge, and we wouldn’t be here without the contributions of thousands
of volunteers, countless Wikimedians, like you, sharing their sum of human
knowledge for more than twenty years.

We are excited to celebrate one particularly exceptional volunteer this
month, Penny Richards. Finding joy in what she contributes to Wikimedia and
how she accomplishes that is fundamental for her, it’s what keeps her
going. Visit WikiCelebrate
<> to learn
more about Penny and congratulate her. [2]

Penny has a passion for learning about people and leafing through old
newspapers, yearbooks and journals. No surprise that she contributes a lot
of biographies, especially to her favourite project WikiProject Women in
Red. She loves that she can make connections with folks around the world
and join efforts with a large global project like Wikipedia all the while
from home and in her pajamas.

Each month we will celebrate a different Wikimedian, acknowledging the
great people that have contributed so much to bringing us to where we are
today, and continue to do so. We warmly invite you to write about the
people celebrated each month. If you know them, share some wiki love. If
there’s an outstanding Wikimedian that you think should be celebrated,
them <>. [3]

Happy celebrating,

Natalia and Mehrdad

[1] Diff post:

[2] Introducing WikiCelebrate:

[3] Nomination box:

*Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska* (she/her)
Senior Global Movement Communications Specialist (European Region)
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