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[Wikimedia-l] 23 March: Invitation to Open Community Call on ChatGPT, generative AI, and Wikimedia
Hi Everyone,

Last year, as part of our annual planning process, the Wikimedia Foundation
shared a list of external trends
that we believed were likely to significantly impact the context in which
the Wikimedia movement operates. Our focus at the time was on the changing
nature of search, the astronomical rise in the global demand for content,
and rich media content in particular, and the concerning rise of
misinformation and disinformation. We heard from many in our movement about
additional trends that our movement faces that we didn’t include in that
list, but that are critical to how we as a movement operate, including the
de-prioritization of investigative journalism, and the damage to GLAM
institutions wrought by the global pandemic.

As part of this year’s annual planning process, we set out to update that
list. In particular, we’ve been tracking recent advancements in artificial
intelligence (AI). In our recent Diff post on the topic, [1] we noted some
risks as well as some potential opportunities for our movement as this
technology continues to evolve. Since there has been a great deal of
interest in and discussion about AI products like ChatGPT and what it means
for Wikimedia over the past few months (including several threads on the
topic on this mailing list), we’d love to explore this topic in more depth
with you and continue the conversation about its implications for us as a
free knowledge movement.

I’d like to invite you all to an open call on 23 March at 18:00 UTC (find
your local time here) [2] where we can share reflections on the
opportunities, risks, and questions we see raised by new AI tools and

The call will be held on Zoom. If you’re interested in joining, email and we will share the Zoom link with you via email.
We will work to coordinate interpretation for languages where there are 3
or more interested community members; please email
with interpretation requests as well.

For those who are unable to join the call, but interested in following and
contributing to the conversation, we plan to share notes on our External
Trends Meta page [3] afterward so that you can add your thoughts.

Whether in person or on-wiki, I hope you’ll share your ideas so that we can
all get a broader understanding of the potential benefits and challenges of
this emergent technology. Looking forward to the discussion!


Yael Weissburg


*Yael Weissburg* (she/her)
VP, Partnerships, Programs & Grantmaking
Wikimedia Foundation <>
M: (+1) 415.513.6643
I work from San Francisco. My time zone is UTC -7/-8.