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[Wikimedia-l] Re: [AID Project] Contributing to intangible cultural heritage on Wikimedia Projects
Dear Galder,

Thank you for the kind words. I am happy to provide additional information
about the copyright status of the audio files.

We have an elicitation protocol for the recordings. This includes
information about the nature of the recording, the date and time of
recording, the full name of the voice artist, and other information such as
location, etc.

Prior to each recording, we informed participants about the intended
license (CC-BY-SA), and permissions were granted.

Attributions are also provided during uploads to Wikimedia Commons.

I hope this is helpful.


On Wed, Mar 1, 2023, 12:06 PM Galder Gonzalez LarraƱaga <> wrote:

> Dear Euphemia,
> This is a great addition to Wikimedia! Thanks for sharing! I wonder how
> you worked on the copyright of the audio files, as I can find it on Commons
> and I'm really interested on that. If you could share the process, it would
> be a great learning path.
> Thanks
> Galder
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> *Subject:* [Wikimedia-l] [AID Project] Contributing to intangible
> cultural heritage on Wikimedia Projects
> Hi Everyone,
> How is underrepresented knowledge on wikimedia projects addressed through
> new ways of contributions? Intangible cultural heritage of different tribes
> in Africa is one such knowledge facing underrepresentation on wikimedia
> projects. As indigenous people migrate to cities; face an aging population
> of cultural guardians and a strong tradition of oral storytelling, it is
> important to save the voices of knowledge at the brink of extinction.
> See how
> <>
> the Wikimedia Foundation is supporting community efforts to digitize
> endangered igbo dances in Nigeria through the AID project
> <>.
> Kind regards,
> Euphemia Uwandu,
> On behalf of the Project Team
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