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[Wikimedia-l] Call to submit proposals for the forthcoming Africa Environment Day

*Dear Africa-focused Wikimedians and Friends!*


We are delighted to share an exciting opportunity for you and your
communities. As you know, the lack of coverage of African content on
Wikimedia projects has been a source of concern for some time.

Wiki In Africa
[1] and Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d’Ivoire
IC) [2] have been tasked by the African Knowledge Initiative
[3] to organise, support, and launch a month-long focus on Africa’s
climate and environment, called Africa Environment

From March 3,  in celebration of Wangari Maathai Day, the Africa
Environment <>focus
encourages Wikimedia and other communities to contribute content related
to Africa’s Climate
<>to the Wikimedia
March 2023 and beyond!

Individuals, communities, and organizations are invited to contribute in
a variety of different ways. Please explore all the options here: <>

Those Wikimedia communities wishing to host training or contribution
events can apply for a microgrant of any amount between USD100 and
USD1500. The deadline to apply for this microgrant is 28 February.

Read the AKI Africa Environment micro-funding criteria and application
process here: <>

Please feel free to share that message with anyone you might think

Florence Devouard / Anthere Wiki in Africa co-ED

A partnership between the Wikimedia Foundation and the African Union,
the African Knowledge Initiative celebrates three critical subjects in
its inaugural year: youth, environment, and the African continent. Each
focus subject has been entrusted to two implementing Wikimedia-focused