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[Wikimedia-l] Re: Chat GPT
There is a problem of incompatibility of examples of AI like ChatGPT.

1st: Wikipedia is not primary source, the references are important. In
ChatGPT there are statements but not references to support the statements.

2nd: Bias. In Wikipedia all positions for a problem must be indicated.
ChatGPT is not able to describe the different positions. It takes generally
only one.

3rd: disambiguation. Examples like ChatGPT don't process well the
disambiguation. It means that the system has a weak AI. It looks that in
case of disambiguation, it takes only one meaning.

4th: neutral point of view. Examples like ChatGPT don't give a neutral
answer. Frequently they are trained to take a specific answer.

However I personally consider that investigate in AI makes sense because AI
is doing a lot of progress and Wikimedia projects can benefit.

But ChatGPT is a bad example for Wikimedia projects.

Kind regards

On Fri, 30 Dec 2022, 01:09 Victoria Coleman, <>

> Hi everyone. I have seen some of the reactions to the narratives generated
> by Chat GPT. There is an obvious question (to me at least) as to whether a
> Wikipedia chat bot would be a legitimate UI for some users. To that end, I
> would have hoped that it would have been developed by the WMF but the
> Foundation has historically massively underinvested in AI. That said, and
> assuming that GPT Open source licensing is compatible with the movement
> norms, should the WMF include that UI in the product?
> My other question is around the corpus that Open AI is using to train the
> bot. It is creating very fluid narratives that are massively false in many
> cases. Are they training on Wikipedia? Something else?
> And to my earlier question, if GPT were to be trained on Wikipedia
> exclusively would that help abate the false narratives?
> This is a significant matter for the community and seeing us step to it
> would be very encouraging.
> Best regards,
> Victoria Coleman
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