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On Sat, Feb 4, 2023, 1:01 PM Steven Walling <>

> On Fri, Feb 3, 2023 at 9:47 PM Gerg? Tisza <> wrote:
>> Just to give a sense of scale: OpenAI started with a $1 billion donation,
>> got another $1B as investment, and is now getting a larger investment from
>> Microsoft (undisclosed but rumored to be $10B). Assuming they spent most of
>> their previous funding, which seems likely, their operational costs are in
>> the ballpark of $300 million per year. The idea that the WMF could just
>> choose to create conversational software of a similar quality if it wanted
>> seems detached from reality to me.
> Without spending billions on LLM development to aim for a
> conversational chatbot trying to pass a Turing test, we could definitely
> try to catch up to the state of the art in search results. Our search
> currently does a pretty bad job (in terms of recall especially). Today's
> featured article in English is the Hot Chip album "Made in the Dark", and
> if I enter anything but the exact article title the typeahead results are
> woefully incomplete or wrong. If I ask an actual question, good luck.
> Google is feeling vulnerable to OpenAI here in part because everyone can
> see that their results are often full of low quality junk created for SEO,
> while ChatGPT just gives a concise answer right there.
> is one of the top
> viewed English articles. If I search "The Menu reviews" the Google results
> are noisy and not so great. ChatGPT actually gives you nothing relevant
> because it doesn't know anything from 2022. If we could just manage to
> display the three sentence snippet of our article about the critical
> response section of the article, it would be awesome. It's too bad that the
> whole "knowledge engine" debacle poisoned the well when it comes to a
> Wikipedia search engine, because we could definitely do a lot to learn from
> what people like about ChatGPT and apply to Wikipedia search.
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